He bangs the drums, she’s VIP

CG Shapes – Eliza @ MainStore/Marketplace
Runaway – Loren Hair @ Shiny Shabby (Open 12/20/17) MainStore/Marketplace
Masoom – Raven Gloves @ WeLoveRP (Open) 
Justice – Jackie Outfit @ MainStore/Marketplace
 Jackie Skirt (MP)   Jackie Top: (MP)

 Michan – Bomi Lashes @ MainStore (Group Gift)

Dappa – Sasuke Tattoo @ MainStore
Zen Creations – Recycled Skateboard Furniture @ MainStore/Marketplace
Atelier Pepe – Maria (Not Available)
Catwa – Catya @ MainStore
Buzzeri – Gleam Chocolate (Gacha) @ MainStore
WarPaint – Kiera Brows @ MainStore
Moss&Mink – Backdrop Grey (Gacha) @ MainStore

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