Somewhere I Belong

Zen Creations – Contempo Living Room (Couch/Chair/Table/Rug/Lamps) @ MainStore/Marketplace
Zen Creations – Vintage Decor (Mannequin/Easel Art/Oil Lamb/Lamps) @ MainStore/Marketplace
Zen Creations – Funky Furniture (Animal Print Shelf/Art) @ MainStore/Marketplace
Jian – Pug Sleep Treat Gacha (on Zen Couch) @ MainStore
Jian – Pug Family Gacha (on floor) @ MainStore
Dust Bunny – Briefcase Record Player @ MainStore
Dust Bunny – Wire Record Rack @ MainStore 
Wednesday – Strange Life Gacha Pictures Wall Rare @ MainStore
Ariskea – Patisserie Yummy Frames Gacha @ MainStore
What Next – Paperdoll Mannequin / Store Gift @ MainStore
Varonis – Stockholm Studio Apartment @ Kustom9 (ends 07/10/18)

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