It can creep up inside you and consume you a disease of the mind It can control you

BackBone – Kinky Sink @ MainStore
BackBone – Headless Butler Gacha Rare @ Epiphany (Ends 11/12/18)
BackBone – You’re Not Welcome Gacha Gun @ Epiphany (Ends 11/12/18)
CY – Home Pregnancy Test In Urine Cup (in sink) @ MainStore
Albion Scriptworks – Bloody Glow and Non-Glow Footprints w/ Sound @ Marketplace
Refuge – Fairytale Mirror @ MainStore/Marketplace
Laq Decor – Toilet Decoration @ MainStore/Marketplace
Rkkn – Annan’s Sweatpants & Panties (Sold Separately) @ MainStore
Gossip – Rock Metal Tank @ MainStore
Doux – Nyla Hairstyle @ Equal10 (Ends 11/05/18)
SEmotion – Model 145 Pose (Modified w/ Gun) @ MainStore
Zadig – City Loft Apartment @ Marketplace

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